ForWarn II

Satellite-Based Change Recognition and Tracking

ForWarn Team Receives Southern Research Station Director’s Award

The ForWarn team has been honored with the 2013 Southern Research Station (SRS) Director’s Partnership Award for “outstanding collaborative work across government agencies in the development of an effective forest disturbance monitoring tool useful at the National level." SRS Director Rob Doudrick presented the award during a ceremony on December 11. “As the ForWarnteam continues to monitor and issue alerts for potential forest disturbances, growing numbers of natural resource managers are tracking forest health and communicating with the Threat Centers about their findings,” says Bill Hargrove, Eastern Threat Center research ecologist and lead ForWarnresearcher. “ForWarnis not only the result of a partnership among federal and university partners—it’s also an ever-growing network of relationships between the Forest Service and natural resource managers across the country.”